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Power Electronics

MORE ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT • Design of electrical machines power converters and control algorithms for a more efficient use of energy on-board the more electrical aircrafts MULTILEVEL CONVERTERS: MODULATION AND CONTROL • PI-based and passivity-based c

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Apulia regional laboratory of characterization of new organic and nanostructured materials

The laboratory is equipped with spectrometric Ellipsometer, micro-controlled surface Profilometer, system for the deposition of thin films made of Spin coater, UV lamp and heating plate, instrumentation for the characterization of thin films made

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The Laboratory Fab Lab POLIBA is conformed with an interdisciplinary scientific structure for allowing the transversal collaboration of more "scientific knowledge" aimed especially at the experimental development of prototypes in the sectors of ar

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- Evolutionary Algorithms for identification and control
- Control techniques for mobile robots and industrial manipulators

Elec Lab
Elec Lab

Currently, the main scientific activity of the Electrotechnical Laboratory concerns the following two topics:
•    modeling of devices based on piezoelectric materials;

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design, construction, engineering and installation of smart vision systems aiming to automate industrial processes (Industry 4.0, quality controls, ...), perform diagnostics (monitorings and inspections, even 3-D, of products and infrastructures,

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Optoelectronics Laboratory

The research fields of the laboratory is modelling, design, fabrication and characterization of optoelectronic and photonic waveguiding components and devices for a wide spectrum of applications such as inertial navigation, biochemical sensing, op

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