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The Laboratory Fab Lab POLIBA is conformed with an interdisciplinary scientific structure for allowing the transversal collaboration of more "scientific knowledge" aimed especially at the experimental development of prototypes in the sectors of ar

Urban Planning and Sociology Laboratory

The Urban Planning Laboratory is a center of excellence in research on methodologies and problems of the governance of the city and of contemporary territories.

Architectural Design Laboratory

The Architectural Design Laboratory is organized into two macro research areas: City Studies and Digital Fabrication.

Mito Lab Bari

Finanziato dal Ministero per il potenziamento delle infrastrutture nelle Regioni della Convergenza a sostegno della Ricerca nel Mezzogiorno.


The TRAMP lab research activity are devoted to the optimization of passengers and freight mobility.  Advanced methods and models for the solution of traffic, transportation and logistics are developed.

Cognition and Spatial Planning Laboratory
CoPS Lab

The Laboratory of Cognition and Spatial Planning (CoPS) ​​is a structure of strong reference for activities related to spatial planning, urban planning and engineering of the territory, for study and university research, as well as for consulting

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