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Lab full name
Control and Automation Lab
Research Activities

The purpose of the laboratory is the study, enhancement and dissemination of scientific research carried out with several Italian and international partners, both private and public.
Each year, the laboratory hosts foreign students and researchers, organizes seminars and conferences.
It hosts the spin-off  Automation in Logistics and Service Systems, s.r.l., a spin-off company founded in 2013 and supported by the Polytechnic of Bari and the University  of Trieste.

The aim of the Control and Automation Laboratory of the Polytechnic of Bari focuses on Automation in particular on:
•    modelling and control of industrial systems: manufacturing systems, processes in factories, sensor networks, fault detection and recovery, problems about logistics, production and workflow;
•    Models and management of complex systems: management and control of complex systems: intelligent transportation systems, logistics and intermodal systems, dangerous goods in motorway environment, management of electric mobility, decision support systems for planning smart building and smart cities, workflow management in healthcare systems;
•    other ICT applications with minimal or reduced human intervention.

Optimization Models able to maximize the effectiveness of technological products and processes.
Simulation Simulation techniques to verify and tune the management and optimization strategies for complex systems.
Smartness and Decision Support Systems the most advanced and valuable algorithms, which turn a technology into an intelligent and adaptable machine, able to predict and solve imminent situations.

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
Prof. Zhou MengChu, New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, USA, control of production systems
prof. A. Giua University of Cagliari on fault detection and identification of Discrete Event systems
Prof. Walter Ukovich University of Trieste, for studies on logistics in various application fields
Prof. Jean-Jacques Lesage, Ecole Normal de Cachan, France, for studies on health systems
Prof. C. Stylios, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Artas, Greece
Prof. Jean-Marc Faure, Ecole Normal de Cachan, France, for studies on transportation system
Prof. Zhiwu Li, Xidian University, Xi’An, China, for studies on fault detection of discrete event systems
Autamarocchi (development of management systems and fleet vehicles)
Colussi S.p.A. (Optimization of logistics distribution system)
OM Forklifts S.p.A. (Solutions for warehouse logistics, planning and management of production processes)
Teorema Engineering LTD (Intermodal logistics)
Intermodal Terminal of Trieste - Fernetti S.p.A. (Intermodal logistics)
Steel Bertoli Safau (scheduling and production planning)
Insiel Market (organization and management of health systems)
Policlinico di Bari (organization and management of health systems)
Insiel FVG (intermodal logistics, management of dangerous goods transport)
Eurocontrol (air traffic management)
Municiplality of Bari (urban mobility)
Venetian Autovie Insiel FVG (management of transport of dangerous goods)
ACEGAS (DSS for smart cities)
Models to maximize the effectiveness of technological products and processes
Reducing alternatives and choices especially when they are countless including the Simulation
Event simulation techniques for the verification and tuning of strategies for management and optimization of complex systems Smartness and Decision Support Systems
Advanced algorithms and ICT applications able to predict and solve immanent situations and in various application contexts
Address / How to reach us
Headquarters Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, 2nd floor room 2.8 Secondary office, ex-architecture building, 2nd floor room 2.8
Every day from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 on the opening days of the DEI department.