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Product design, process design and control, construction methods, civil engineering, energy processes, material engineering


•    Smart instruments for measurements on components and systems
•    Development of measuring system for health monitoring and wearable sensors
•    Analysis of biomedical signal
•    Medical image processing

  • Design and prototyping of PC-, microcontroller- and DSP-based mixed signals Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Data Processing Systems
  • Industrial circuits, PLC programming and machines diagnostic for faults prevention
  • Wireless S
Architectural and Urban Modeling Laboratory

The Architectural and Urban Modelling Laboratory (MAULab) of DICATECh, promotes and coordinates scientific research in the field of Survey and Representation of Architecture, Monuments, Natural and Urbanised Environment, with digital techniques, o


The Computer numerical control machines laboratory was founded in 1999. It is part of the scientific area of Manufacturing Systems and Technologies ING-IND/16.

Microtronic Lab

The Microtronic laboratory, operating in the scientific area of Manufacturing systems and technologies (ING-IND/16), is part of the Microtronic network of laboratories.

RaP-RE Lab

The research activities are oriented to the analysis and the study of new methodologies for AM and RE implementation. In AM field, new chemical treatments for surface finishing have been developed.

Interdisciplinary Additive Manufacturing

Use of AM technologies in soft robotics field by replacing traditional manufacturing approaches

Manufacturing of sensors, smart objects and sensor systems by means of AM technologies

Microfluidic applications

LabZERO image

LabZERO is a multidisciplinary laboratory to enable strategic cooperation with enterprises and promote multidisciplinary research for the development of innovative technologies in the areas of ener

RS Lab

Residual stress (RS) develops during manufacturing processes as a result of heat and mechanical treatment experienced by the material.

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