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Microtronic Lab

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Microtronic Laboratory
Research Activities

The Microtronic laboratory, operating in the scientific area of Manufacturing systems and technologies (ING-IND/16), is part of the Microtronic network of laboratories. It is aimed to mechatronic sectors which are characterized by an ever higher request for micro-components realized in a large variety of materials.

The research activities are focused on the combination of micro-milling and additive manufacturing technologies for the realization of 3D complex parts at micro-scale level. Microscope and profilometer for surface analysis are used for performance verification of the micro-machining processes.

The machines and measuring instruments present in the laboratory are well suited for feasibility studies and services aimed at local companies comprised in the mechatronic district and operating in the fields of precision mechanic, tool design and automotive and machine components.

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
Leone Spa
Bosch TDI
ICAM srl
Roboze srl
GE Avio srl
GE Oil and Gas
Adler Ortho srl
Simitecno srl
KUGLER Microgantry micro, 5 axis micro-milling machine, 1kW power spindle and 60000 RPM of maximum velocity, positioning accuracy comprised between 0,5 e 1,0 micrometers for Cartesian axis and ±1 arcsec for rotary axis
Hirox RH-2000 microscope, able to ensure several magnification levels (up to 10000x) wit rotary head and tilting table
Taylor Hobson CCI-MP HS, optical profilometer based on interferometric principle equipped for a minimum x-y resolution equal to1µm
WASP DELTA 4070, 3D printer for Poly(lactic acid) polymeric material. The maximum printing volume is 400x400x700 mm3
Zortax M-200, 3D printer optimized for ABS material and printing volume equal to 200x200x150 mm3
M-One MAKEX, additive manufacturing machine based on liquid resins photo polymerization and characterized by a xy resolution ranging from 60 to 75µm
Feasibility studies and service activities for micro-processing and characterization of small series of mechatronic components
Address / How to reach us
Viale Japigia 182- Bari- Italy (DMMM)