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Informatics and information systems, computer science, scientific computing, intelligent systems

AV Lab image

Intelligent systems based on artificial vision paradigms.

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The AFlab researchers work in the field of information systems with specific emphasis to environmental applications (pollutants and odors, particulate and water, e-nose and e-tongue).

telematics lab
Telematics Lab

The research team belonging to the Telematics Laboratory of Politecnico di Bari deals with the design, the investigation, and the optimization of ICT solutions for emerging and pioneering applications domains.

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The purpose of the laboratory is the study, enhancement and dissemination of scientific research carried out with several Italian and international partners, both private and public. 


Advanced Medical devices design and implementation
Telemedicine and remote health monitoring platforms development
Embedded Systems design on FPGA and microcontrollers

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The research activities of the Information Systems Lab (SisInf Lab) have been evolving over the years around a common nucleus: intelligent systems and intelligent data management.

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