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Lab full name
Research Activities

The ELEDIGILAB is oriented to develop research activities and prototypes in areas of digital electronic embedded systems implemented on FPGAs and related apps for IOS and Android. The laboratory is located inside the university campus in Bari.

Main fields of activity are: telemedicine, home care, high performance diagnostics medical devices, domotics, CNTFET digital systems design, electronic devices modeling and characterization for digital applications.

The lab is actually involved in projects aiming at designing and prototyping wearable medical devices and related apps useful for the early detection of incoming malignant arrythmias preventing the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
University - Policlinico di Bari - Cardiology division
Design of digital systems and development of firmware for programmable devices with implementation on evaluation and prototyping boards. FPGA, DSP, microcontrollers
Address / How to reach us
Via Re David, 200, Bari Department of Electrical and Information Engineering Plexus "Salvatore"
Monday to Friday 8.30-12.30