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E&EM Lab

The Electrical and Electronic Measurement Lab activities have leaded to valuable results in terms of technology transfer, in the field of applied science and  manufacturing accomplished through national and international Research projects.

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The Electrical and Electronic Measurement Lab activities are, among others, mainly focused on two institutional objectives: didactics for bachelor/master of science/doctoral degree and applied as well as theoretical research in the areas of: A/D c

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RF, microwave and mm-wave component and circuit design - hybrid and ASIC developments.

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AE&M Lab

The lab has long been involved in the development and the characterization of multichannel integrated circuits for read-out of solid-state detectors and sensors for high energy ph

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The ESP Lab is equipped with hardware and software resources both to made experimental work in the
field of electronic devices, circuits, systems and to develop procedures for digital applications.  

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Fiber optics and Integrated optics:

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