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Microwave and Optical Engineering
Research Activities

Fiber optics and Integrated optics:

Fiber optics and integrated optics are key technologies for both scientific research and industry, allowing applications in several innovative areas including 5G and optical free-space communication systems, aerospace, remote sensing of surface and atmosphere earth, chemical and biological sensing, non-invasive medical surgery, medical diagnosis and automotive.

MOE group laboratory is equipped with optical fiber processing units, splicing station, recoating station, high precision cutter, beam quality measurement set-up M2, high power lasers, optical spectrum analyzers OSAs, optical benches with several component set-ups.

 MOE group research main topics in fiber optics and Integrated optics are:

- Design and fabrication of fiber laser, photonic crystal fibers (PCF), optical fiber devices for near infrared (NIR) and medium infrared (MID-IR) applications.

-  Integrated optical device modeling; optical microresonators, integrated microdisks, microbubble.

- Modeling of innovative materials and rare earth doped optical devices and supercontinuum generation.



Microwave devices and Antennas

Microwave devices and antennas are extensively employed not only in wireless communication and remote sensing but also in medicine, aerospace, environmental monitoring and several other fields.

MOE group laboratory is equipped for i) the construction and characterization of microwave prototypes in SIW (substrate integrated waveguide) technology via an UV laser writing station, multilayer press, metallization station, anechoic chamber, network analyzers; ii) monitoring of electromagnetic field human exposure and electromagnetic compatibility EMC measurements, via electromagnetic field level meters, electromagnetic conducted emissions EMI test station, RF signal sources, oscilloscopes, vectorial spectrum analyzers VNAs, set of wide band antennas.

MOE group research main topics in microwave devices and antennas are:

  • Design fabrication and characterization of antennas and microwave devices in Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology.
  • Resonant cavities: design of accelerating cavities for proton linear accelerators (LINAC).
  • Microwave applicator for thermal therapy, thermal ablation of cancer.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic exposure investigation, biocompatibility.
Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
Quanta System
University of Rennes1 - France
UMR-CNRS - Institut de Physique de Rennes1 (IPR) - France
Institut de Recherche en Ingénierie Moléculaire et Matériaux Fonctionnels, UMR CNRS - Le Mans - France
Laboratoire de Physique de l'Université de Bourgogne
Physics Dep. Shiraz University, Shiraz – Iran
The Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS), Centre of Expertise in Photonics (CoEP) University of Adelaide - Australia
Tokyo Institute of Technology - Giappone
Mesures Physiques Department- Institut Universitaire de Technologie du Mans – - INFM
CNR-FSA – Trento
IROE-CNR - Firenze
Politecnico di Milano
Politecnico di Torino
European COST ACTION MP0702 “Towards functional sub-wavelength photonic structure” New functionalities
HORIZON 2020 - COST ACTION MP 1401, Advanced Fibre Laser and Coherent Source as tools for Society, Manufacturing and Lifescience
• PRIN 2004 – two year period – Research Program of Relevant National Interest (40%) – Inter universities project having title: ”Nanocomposite glasses for photonics“
• European Project Galileo 2007 UIF having title "Modelling and fabrication of optical device prototypes for high performance communication systems"
• PON project - Research and Competivity 2007-2013 Region Convergence – Axis I – Project code : PON01_01224 - “Development of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technologies for microwave ICT application” - three year period
• PON training/education project - Research and Competivity 2007-2013 Region Convergence – Axis I – Project code : PON01_01224/2” - Project title “Training of novel professional profiles within Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technologies for microwa
• PON research project – Research and Competivity 2007-2013 Region Convergence – Axis I – Project code: PON02_00576_3329762/1 Project title “Advanced Mini invasive Systems for Diagnosis and hadron therapy AMIDERHA” - three year period
• PON training/education project - Research & Competitivity PON02_00576 _3329762/F1 DD MIUR n.818/Ric. del 26/11/12 “Advanced qualification di n.12 graduated students and n.8 undergraduate students in scientific disciplines, for development, design exper
• PON project – Operative National Program “Research & Competitivity ” (PON “R&C”) 2007-2013 Call n. 254/Ric. del 18 maggio 2011 – Axis I - D. D. MIUR del 11 novembre 2011 n. 957/Ric. Project code PONa3_00298 “Strengthening of structures and scientific e
• PON Project - Horizon PON 2016-2020”, title “ERHA, Advanced Radiotherapy with hadrons”, call DM 1 Giugno 2016D.D. 22/12/2016.
• AR - A.2.1.1 Research Activity Title “Analisys and electromagnetic design of an applicator for thermal ablation” within the project FESR-FSE 2014-2020 “SINACH – Integrated navigation for mini invasive, surgery” BLNGWP7 call INNONETWORK D.D. dated 17/0
design of microwave devices and planar antennas for enterprises
planning and optimization of electromagnetic field covering for mobile phone aims and identification of BTS geographical position
measurement of electromagnetic field level at low (50Hz) and high frequency (2-20GHz), control of human exposure to the electromagnetic field
study of biological effects due to the human exposure to the electromagnetic field