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Apulia regional laboratory of characterization of new organic and nanostructured materials

The laboratory is equipped with spectrometric Ellipsometer, micro-controlled surface Profilometer, system for the deposition of thin films made of Spin coater, UV lamp and heating plate, instrumentation for the characterization of thin films made

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Optoelectronics Laboratory

The research fields of the laboratory is modelling, design, fabrication and characterization of optoelectronic and photonic waveguiding components and devices for a wide spectrum of applications such as inertial navigation, biochemical sensing, op

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The Design of Integrated Systems Laboratory (DEIS Lab) has been involved in several national and international research projects, gaining multidisciplinary background knowledge aiming  to import them to the field of applied electronics.  The cardi

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RF, microwave and mm-wave component and circuit design - hybrid and ASIC developments.

PHoto Lab

The Photonics Research Group was formed by Prof. Vittorio M.N. Passaro in 2004 and utilizes the Laboratory of Photonics.

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Fiber optics and Integrated optics:

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The ELEDIGILAB is oriented to develop research activities and prototypes in areas of digital electronic embedded systems implemented on FPGAs and related apps for IOS and Android. The laboratory is located inside the university campus in Bari.

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