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ED lab


Lab full name
laboratory of electronic devices
Research Activities

Design and test of  electronic systems for domiciliary teleassistance.
Characterization and design of optoelectronic devices on PBG (Phothonic BandGap).
Numerical modelling and performance simulation techniques of electronic devices for I. C. CAD.
Design, realization and testing of nanometric electronic systems and FET on carbon nanotube.

Contact Person
Technical Staff
Gennaro Gelao
Companies and Institutions
Irena Knezevic, Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1415 Engineering Drive, Rm 3442, Madison, WI 53706, USA
Prof. Francis D'Souza, Distinguished University Research Professor Department of Chemistry UNT, University of North Texas, Denton, USA.
Characterization of electronic devices aimed at the development and implementation of new electrothermal models and experimental characterization up to 50 GHz of electronic devices at hyperfrequencies, through Probe Station RF1 and HP oscilloscope with @ 50 GHz plug
Design of micro-resonators on PBG for particle accelerators in tumor adrotherapy and related experimental characterization, also in cryogenics
Characterization, design and testing of nanometric electronic systems and FET on carbon nanotubes
Students support the use of the PSPICE circuit simulator with related demonstration exercises
Support to students for graduation theses and exam papers for the development of models in Verilog-A and Spice of advanced electronic devices such as FET on carbon nanotube, with particular attention to thermal problems
Address / How to reach us
Third floor of DEI
Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday working from 8:30 to 14:00