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AE&M Lab

Lab full name
Applied Electronics and Microelectronics
Research Activities

The lab has long been involved in the development and the characterization of multichannel integrated circuits for read-out of solid-state detectors and sensors for high energy physics and medical imaging. Another related activity is the characterization of detectors, sensors and electronic devices. In more detail, the main current research lines are the following:

  • Design of multichannel mixed-signal integrated circuits (ASIC) for the read-out of solid-state detectors used in high energy physics experiments and medical imaging applications
  • Prototyping (via access to the European consortium EUROPRACTICE) and characterization of integrated circuits
  • Design and realization of hardware/firmware systems based on programmable devices (FPGA)
  • Characterization of solid-state detectors for physics experiments and medical imaging applications (Silicon Photomultipliers)

 The following instrumentation is currently available:

  • 4 Linux workstations Linux for IC design, equipped with the suite Cadence IC 6.1.7      
  • Semi-automatic probestation Karl Suss PM8, optical microscope 50X Karl Suss
  • Logic state analyzer Tektronix, 32 channels
  • Semiconductor parameter analyzers HP4145B and 4155B
  • Spectrum analyzer Agilent N1996A, 100kHz-6GHz
  • Oscilloscope DPO Tektronix 4GHz, 4 channels
  • Oscilloscope Rohde-Schwarz 4GHz, 4 channels
  • Arbitrary signal generator Tektronix, 200MHz
  • Standard lab instrumentation (stabilized power supplies, digital multimeters, low-end oscilloscopes and function generators)


Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
SLAC Stanford, Menlo Park (CA, USA)
ITEL, Ruvo di Puglia
CERN - Geneva
Brookhaven National Laboratories, Upton (NY, USA)
SLAC Stanford, Menlo Park (CA, USA)
Fbk-IRST – Trento
Infineon Technologies, Villach (Austria)
National Semiconductors, Munich (Germany)
IAS, Brindisi
Aspek, Potenza
Address / How to reach us
DEI – Politecnico di Bari – Main building Via E. Orabona 4, 70125 - Bari
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:30