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Lab full name
Industrial Informatics Laboratory
Research Activities

Industrial Informatics and Real World Applications
Medical Informatics and Biometric Applications
Human Computer Interaction and Human Machine Interaction
Image Processing and Artificial Vision
Machine Learning and Soft Computing Applications
Intelligent Computer Aided Diagnosis, Prognosis, Reabilitation and Therapy from biomedical data and signals
Robotics and Domotics
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Safety and Security
Artificial Intelligence

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
eBIS srl
Polyconsulting s.r.l.
AMT Services srl
Item Oxygen srl
Consorzio CETMA
IRIS s.n.c.
BioResult srl
Matrix spa
Masmec spa
Trait d’Union s.r.l.
eResult s.r.l.
SER & Practices s.r.l.
Graphiservice s.r.l.
Media Broadcast Communication s.a.s.
Fotolito 38 s.r.l.
Quorum Italia s.r.l.
Bautech s.r.l.
Cupersafety sas di Montanaro Giuseppe &C
Escoop European Social Cooperative
Laboratorio di Analisi Cliniche Dr. Pignatelli s.r.l.
Agiler srl
Ena Consulting s.r.l.
Orizzonti Consulting s.r.l.
Code Architects s.r.l.
Murgia Sviluppo S.c.a.r.l.
Giuseppe Laterza and Figli s.p.a.
Medica Sud s.r.l.
Cardio on line Europe s.r.l.
Intact Health Care, Paperleap s.r.l.
Mosaico Digitale s.r.l.
Ligi Tecnologie Medicali s.p.a.
Molino Casillo Group
Address / How to reach us
DEI 3rd floor ph. 080.5963530
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 17:30