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Lab full name
Technological Center for Digital Manufacture
Research Activities

The Laboratory Fab Lab POLIBA is conformed with an interdisciplinary scientific structure for allowing the transversal collaboration of more "scientific knowledge" aimed especially at the experimental development of prototypes in the sectors of architecture, engineering and design. The principal objectives of the laboratory are three: 1. host groups of research for the realization and experimentation of prototypes; 2. juxtapose to the world of the SMEs to contribute the increase of competitiveness on the markets; 3. Specialised training on the digital sector implemented on manufactoring and visualization.

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
Municipality of Bitonto
University of Bari
Atilim University di Ankara
American University of Beirut
University of Bristol
University of Alicante
Chamber of Commerce of Bari
Municipality of Ioannina
Municipality of Achaia
Ripam Laboratory
Milan FabLab
Enterprises and Committee Artisan Zone of Bitonto
Formedil Bari
Cooperative 42
Consotium Social Lab
Autologs srl
FabCraft srl
Crea 3D
Interreg V-A EL-IT - Grecia/Italia "PIT STOP. Innovation Pathways for Urban Development"
Interreg V-A EL-IT - Grecia/Italia "CROSS THE GAP. Accessibility for social and cultural inclusion"
POLIBRIS. Community Library Puglia Region; "Self Made Architecture 03 Summer School Internazionali Regione Puglia
Additional actions for the strengthening of the Magistral Course of Degree in Industrial Design for Plain of Action and Regional Cohesion 2016/2017
Interreg PIT/STOP (European Economic Community)
Interreg CROSS THE GAP (European Economic Community)
POLIBRIS (Puglia Region)
SELF MADE 03 (Puglia Region);
Strengthrning CdL Industrial Design (Puglia Region)
Robotic Arm to six aces Kuka IR 760/120
Laser Cutter CNC Robot;
Pantograph to three aces CNC Robot
Printing 3D FDM BigRep One
three printing and SLA FormLabs m2
Printing 3D FDM Ultimaker 3Extended
Printing 3d FDM BQ Hephestos 2
Printing 3d FDM PRUSA i3
Scanner 3d Shining 3d EISCAN Pro;
Multimedia classroom equipped with eleven stations Wacon Cintiq 27QHD and 22QHD
Vertical Scanner Fjitsu SCANSNAP SV600
Vertical Scanner Fjitsu SCANSNAP SV600
1 workstatio ALIENWARE AREA 51
fifteen stations pc All-in-One
Adobe Creative Cloud for teams VIP2 Device;
Rhinocheros 5
Innovative Incubation plans
Lifelong learning on digital
Juxtaposition to the SMEs
Service and third party. Way: enrollment Pay for Use
Address / How to reach us
Bitonto - Artisant Zone - Via delle Nazioni
Indications for Artisan Zone of Bitonto; fast-access through Provincial Road 218 with indications and road signs from the Aereoport of Bari, from the toll road of Bitonto and from the State road 16. Broad external parking. Inside, parkingavailable.
OPEN ( Mon/ Wedn 17-21; Tues/Frid/ Sat 9-13); WORK (full time)
Area (mq)