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Laboratory of Innovative Techniques for Advanced Materials Welding


Network Lab full name
Laboratory of Innovative Techniques for Advanced Materials Welding
ERC 3rd level Code
Research Activities

Laboratory  of  Innovative Techniques for Advanced Materials Welding (TISMA) 
Technologies  Supply:
The TISMA laboratory is focused to stimulate the development of new skills, processes and technologies vital for the regional economy and for the industrial fields. The research activities are founded on welding processes such as laser, electric arc with low and high intensity (Capacity Discharge Welding), and using the heat generated by friction (Friction Stir Welding). Combining simultaneously  these welding sources a wide range of new materials, with low weldability and difficult to weld with traditional welding techniques, could be welded in homogeneous and heterogeneous joints. The skills of the research team are available for the big regional industries and small/medium companies interested to the applied researches for production systems, testing and controls.

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
ALTRAN Italia S.p.A. – Napoli (NA)
Centro Combustione Ambiente s.r.l. – Gioia del Colle (BA)
Centro Ricerche Fiat S.c.p.a. – Valenzano (BA)
ELFIM s.r.l. – Gravina in Puglia (BA)
ENGINSOFT SpA – Mesagne (BR)
GE Avio S.r.l. – Brindisi (BR)
G.S.E. Industria Aeronautica s.r.l. – Brindisi (BR)
ITEM Oxygen s.r.l. – Altamura (BA)
L.A.SER.INN S.c.a.r.l. – Valenzano (BA)
LASIT SpA – Napoli (NA)
Leonardo S.p.A. – Foggia (FG), Grottaglie (TA), Pomigliano (NA)
MERMEC S.p.A. – Monopoli (BA)
SALVER S.p.A. – Brindisi (BR)
Tecnomulipast s.r.l. – Gravina in Puglia
Procédés et Ingénierie en Mécanique et Matériaux (PIMM), ENSAM – Paris (France)
Laboratoire de Mécanique et Matériaux du Génie Civil - Cergy-Pontoise (France)