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Technical Physics Laboratories

Lab full name
Technical Physics Laboratories
Research Activities

The Technical Physics Laboratories are organized into four macro areas of scientific-disciplinary competence:
1. Acoustic area
Certification of the acoustic properties of materials (absorption and soundproofing). Environmental noise measures e
forecast verifications. Acoustic certification of materials on site. Active noise and thermoacoustic control. Holography
acoustics and recognition of acoustic defects in structures. Numerical models of sound propagation. Registration e
sound reproduction with advanced techniques.
2. Area of ​​Energetics
The energy lab is aimed at studying the conversion processes of energy for the reduction of quantity and
the quality of the energy to be used in the processes involved in the thermo-technical systems, in the construction types and
in the use of solar energy. The laboratory is equipped with effective instrumentation for the management of experimental plants of
study and for the analysis of the performance of the building-plant complex.
3. Area of ​​the Quality of the Internal Environment
Characterization of the internal environment from the thermo-hygrometric, visual and acoustic point of view. Analysis of thermal comfort
global and localized in moderate and severe thermal environments. Visual comfort analysis also through software
forward. Characterization and acoustic optimization of places for entertainment and places of worship. Study of the
individual response and consequent optimization of objective parameters.
4. Area of ​​Materials Thermophysics
Thermophysical properties of building materials. Measure in-situ and in the laboratory of the transmittance of the components
building. Hygrometric measurements (moisture content, vapor permeability and moisture buffer value) of materials. Models
number of the building-plant system for the purpose of analyzing energy performance. Performance and Energy Certification
of buildings. Architectural integration of renewable energy systems. Energy and valorisation of renewable sources.

Contact Person
Technical Staff
Michele D'Alba
Acoustics, certified measurements of sound absorption, soundproofing properties of materials, environmental noise, indices of acoustic quality of the rooms (including 3D acoustic mapping), sound intensity. Furthermore, it can perform acoustic simulations, using ray-tracing and numerical methods (FEM) and reproduce virtual acoustic fields;
Quality of the Indoor Environment, certified measures of the conditions of thermal-hygrometric well-being, parameters of individual thermal comfort, conditions of visual well-being through measurements of illuminance and luminance, photometric-spectral properties of light sources, of colorimetry.
Materials thermophysics, measures for third parties of the thermophysical properties of materials and components of the building envelope, in the laboratory and in the works.
The supplied equipment allows measurements of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, vapor permeability, water absorption, porosity, specific pores surface, as well as measurements of thermal transmittance.
Address / How to reach us
via Edoardo Orabona 4 - 70125 Bari
Dicar Ingegneria delle Strutture - floor -1
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