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Levantine Lab for Sustainable technologies

The strong commitment of Politecnico di Bari towards manufacturing sustainability deploys into
the proactive promotion of social involvement of its students into the sustainability topics. The

Sd&Tm Lab image

The Lab carry on research activities mainly on the following topics:

Strain Gauge Testing Lab
Strain Gauge Testing Lab

Experimental stress analysis is based on the principle of strain measurement. Initially, bulky mechanical devices were used for measuring strain that displayed strain using a lever ratio of one thousand or more.


At current the Laboratory of Industrial System Engineering (LISE) staff is: 1 full professor, 2 associate professors, 3 researchers, 1 Phd Candidate.
The LISE is organized in two sections:


Il laboratorio si inserisce nell’ambito delle attività a supporto della ricerca e della didattica per il Design legato ai processi di sviluppo creativo e di processo in ambito digitale.

fisica tecnica
Technical Physics Laboratories

The Technical Physics Laboratories are organized into four macro areas of scientific-disciplinary competence:
1. Acoustic area

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