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We Wt Lab

Lab full name
Laboratory for wave energy conversion devices and Wells turbines
Research Activities

This laboratory is devoted to the performance analysis of Wells turbines to be included in systems
OWC systems (Oscillating Water Column) for wave energy harvesting.
For these studies a test bench (specifically designed), is used, which reproduces the conditions of
the air flow generated by the wave motion. The entire system is remotely controlled via software,
determining the operating conditions.
The test rig consists of: a suction centrifugal fan controlled by a Variable-Frequency Drive
(VFD); a straight pipe where a diaphragm is housed for flow measurement; a plenum chamber; a
second straight duct in which is located the AC Brushless Servo Systems connected to the torque
transducer (for torque measurement) and to the Wells turbine.

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Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria