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Lab full name
Virtual Reality and Reality Reconstruction Lab
ERC 3rd level Code
Research Activities

The VR3Lab is a multidisciplinary research facility for the development and testing of innovative tools and methods in engineering and medicine. Its goal is to explore and apply cutting edge technologies in the following areas:
•    Virtual and Augmented Reality simulation & marketing
•    Augmented Reality solutions for Industry 4.0
•    Augmented Reality maintenance
•    Virtual training
•    Virtual tours and experiences for cultural heritage
•    Natural User Interfaces
•    Industrial advanced interfaces
•    CAD and PLM consulting
•    Composite materials modeling
•    CAD advanced surfacing and style
•    Reverse engineering and CAD reconstruction
•    Industrial ergonomics and human-centered design
•    Bioengineering simulations
•    Bioengineering devices design and prototyping

The lab is provided with the latest VR & AR technologies in other to test and apply the optimal solution to the specific problem: head mounted displays, led and laser projectors, a virtual theater, software tools and libraries. Moreover, 3D scanners and 360-pano cameras are available for object and ambient reconstruction, while a 3D printer and a mechatronic-lab allow for prototyping novel devices.

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
Idea75 – Bari (BA)
Hevolus – Molfetta (BA)
SER&P – Bari (BA)
InResLab – Monopoli (BA)
ICAM - Putignano (BA)
Master Italy - Conversano (BA)
Simulo - Bari (BA)
HGV - San Severo (FG)
3D Research - Rende (CS)
Tecbus - Modugno (BA)
LORAN - Modugno (BA)
Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD Darmstadt (DE)
Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV) Davis (CA) - USA
Virtual Theatre
HMD viewer for AR
Projection systems for Spatial Augmented Reality
Reverse Engineering system for real objects digitalization
3D printer
Mechatronic Lab
Design of visualization solutions in Augmented and Virtual Reality Design of technical data visualization solutions for Industry 4.0 Customized solutions to optimize the workflows of industrial CAD data and product cycle data
We provide independent applications using CAD kernels (commercial or open source), and we extend existing CADs using Macro Plugin
We offer consulting services for converting CAD files into the format, migration, repair and security of CAD data
We use the latest technologies for modeling and simulating very complex parts for faster and more efficient production: Parametric and knowledge-based solid modeling. Modeling of technical and style surfaces. Aesthetic, structural and kinematic simulations. Material modeling. technical drawings and lamination plans Interactive manuals
Weekday 9:00 - 18:00