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Thermo-Physical Lab

Lab full name
Laboratory for the thermo-physical characterization of manufactured polymers
Research Activities

The main topics of basic and applied research are related to the technological characterization of polymeric materials, numerical simulation of injection molding processes and the experimental study tensions induced crystallization. Available instruments in the laboratory are a Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Neztsch Pegasus 404 F3), Dilatometer (Netzsch DIL 402C), Rotational Rheometer (HAAKE MARS III) and two workstations for heavy duty computation.

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
GE Oil & Gas
Soffigen sr
Differential scanning system with double furnace for measuring the thermal properties of polymers and metal powders.
Dilatometer for measuring the thermal expansion properties of polymers and metals.
Modular rheometer with polarized microscope for measuring the rheological properties of polymers.
selection of appropriate materials for applications
mold design of components with complex geometries
resolution of defects and manufacturing problems
process optimization based on potential and application objectives.