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RECAS-Bari Laboratory: provides scientific calculation and data storage services
Batch services are particularly suitable for data analysis of high energy physics experiments conducted in the Inter-University Department of Physics, simulations of experimental apparatus used in high energy physics experiments, applications of theoretical physics concerning in particular the fluid dynamics, biodiversity analysis, phylogenetic analysis, NGS, molecular dynamics simulation, analysis and study of clinical images in the field of medical physics, analysis and study of satellite...
The provision of on-demand virtual machines or clusters, or personal storage is carried out through the cloud infrastructure. The HPC cluster is particularly suitable for performing parallel jobs or requiring the use of graphics accelerators and / or low latency networks. The laboratory is able to provide data storage services both on disk and on magnetic tape.
Address / How to reach us
ReCaS Building at the Inter-University Department of Physics
The service is active on weekdays during normal office hours for students, external collaborators and visitors, provided that a laboratory manager is present.