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Laboratory of History, Restoration and Surveying of Architecture

Lab full name
Laboratory of History, Restoration and Surveying of Architecture
ERC 2nd Level Code
Research Activities

1) It is equipped with technical and scientific expertise, gained over a period of ten years, having worked in the field of history of the ancient architecture, of the relief of the ancient architecture, of the archaeological sites and in the treatment of the acquired data; Moreover it articulates its activities according to research lines oriented to the knowledge of the building history of monumental buildings to the diagnosis of structural pathologies, as well as to the identification of degradation phenomena of architectural materials historical.

2) It is equipped with: workstations, laptops, color scanners, printers, digital cameras, two total stations, distance meters, stadiums, poles and everything needed to survey ancient architecture and archaeological sites;

3) It is equipped with digital hygrometers, digital camera.

4) the IT equipment includes workstations equipped with specific software for processing the acquired data through the aforesaid equipment, namely SW photo-straightening; SW recording topographic data; SW framework analysis hygrometrics, SW for surveying and representation;

5) It is equipped with software for surface modeling and the creation of computer models.

The laboratory equipment was used for relevant campaigns related to the archaeological heritage of Puglia, for excavation campaigns in international missions carried out mainly in Mediterranean countries such as Libya and Greece and of recent for the assessment of damage to the architectural heritage of the earthquake of L'Aquila.

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Address / How to reach us
via Edoardo Orabona 4 - 70125 Bari
Dicar - Architettura e Design - 2 floor room 2.22
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