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Labortory Salvati

Laboratorio Ufficiale Prove Materiali “M. Salvati”

Lab full name
Official Laboratory of Materials Testing
Research Activities

The Laboratorio Ufficiale Prove Materiali “M. Salvati” was established according to Law n. 553 of 01.07.1961 and, since 1983, it was named after Prof. Michele Salvati who was its founder.

Beside all the activities supporting the didactics and the experimental research of the Department, the institutional activities consist of tests and monitoring for third party. This activity, recognized for public benefit purpose according to art. n. 20 of Law n. 1086 of 05.11.1971, consists in controlling the materials and the fulfillments the legislation prescribes for the suitable constructions execution, and in monitoring and calibrating testing machines for private laboratories (licensed by Ministry of Public Works).

The Laboratory, one of the biggest and best equipped in the South of Italy for testing building materials and structures, has two large rooms equipped with a bridge crane and a concrete slab of 1 m thick, for tests on materials, structural models and 1:1 scaled structures; in particular, the widest room has about 500mq of floor space and an effective height of 15m, while the smallest room has about 350mq of floor space and an effective height of 9m. Both are served by large driveway gates; another driveway gate let the access to the room beneath the slab. The technical staff employed at the Laboratory is highly specialized in experimentation on materials and structures, with destructive and non destructive, in-situ and in laboratory tests. 

Contact Person
Technical Staff
Francesco Paparella
Companies and Institutions
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
University of California at Berkeley, USA
Universidad de Alicante, Spagna
University of Arizona, USA
Università di Cassino
Università di Messina
Università di Catania
Progetto PON_02 “MASSIME – Sistemi di sicurezza meccatronici innovativi (cablati e wireless) per applicazioni ferroviarie, aerospaziali e robotiche” (2013-2015)
Progetto della Regione Puglia Rete di Laboratori “Laboratorio per lo sviluppo delle fonti rinnovabili e dell'efficienza nei distretti energetici: Progetto ZERO (Zero EmissionResearch Option)” (2014-2017)
Progetto ReLuis2, Area Tematica 2, Linea 3: “Innovazione Tecnologica in Ingegneria Sismica”, Task 2: “Sviluppo ed analisi di nuove tecnologie per l’adeguamento sismico” (2010-2013)
7° Programma Quadro. Capacities Specific Programme Research Infrastructure. Progetto SERIES. Proposal P03-0034: “Assessment of the seismic behaviour of flat-bottom silos containing grain-like materials”. Prove da svolgersi presso il laboratorio EQUALS di
7° Programma Quadro RST (call FP7/PEOPLE/2001/NIGHTS). Project UNIFEDERLAB. Unità “Vibration” (2011)
7° Programma Quadro. Capacities Specific Programme Research Infrastructure. Progetto SERIES. Proposal P03-0034: “Seismic behaviour of structural systems composed of cast-in-situ concrete walls” (2010-2012)
European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Italy 2007-2013. INTERREG III/A. Project title: “Structural Monitoring of ARTistic and historical BUILding Testimonies”, ResponsabilescientificoProf.ssa D. Foti (2012-2015)
PRIN 2010-2011 “Dinamica, Stabilità e Controllo di Strutture Flessibili” (2013-2016)
Progetto PON_01 “STEM-STELO: Sistemi e TEcnologie per la realizzazione di Macchine per lo Sviluppo dei Trasporti Eccezionali e della LOgistica di progetto” (2012-2015)
PRIN 2008 “Strutture leggere in materiale multiscala nell'ingegneria civile: rigidità e resistenza, assemblaggio e replicabilità industriale” (2010-2012)
Progetto Strategico della Regione Puglia “Ricerca e sviluppo di metodologie per la meccanica sperimentale e la diagnostica strutturale” (2006-2011)
Progetto Strategico della Regione Puglia “SISMA - Strutture Innovative e Sperimentazione di Materiali Avanzati” (2006-2011)
Universal testing machines with a load capacity of 50, 300, 600 and 1000 kN for tests on stone materials, cementitious conglomerate, hydraulic binders, steel beams for concrete, prestressed concrete and metal carpentry, on pavement materials
Press with a load capacity of 3000 and 5000 kN for tests on stone materials, cementitious conglomerates, on structural elements in full scale
Electromechanical universal testing machines under displacement control and for thermomechanical tests and fatigue testing machines with a capacity of 50 kN, equipped with video extensometer
Tribometer, Charpy's pendulum, bendstraightening and relaxation on steel
Machines for granulometric analyses of aggregates
Hydraulic jack and equipment for coring in situ
Testing equipment for concrete and mortars (muffol furnace, aging tanks and cabinets, setting and hardening tests etc.)
Contrast modular structures
Hydraulic power unit for the movement of dynamic actuators and vibrating tables
Equipment for insitu tests on structures (test, check and monitoring): deformometers, comparators, clinometries, deflectometers, etc.
Calibration check for testing machines, pressure gauge and displacement comparators and transducers with equipment conforming to SIT standard
Contact ultrasonic tests, ultrasonic immersion tests and laser ultrasonic tests with device for scanning samples
Sonic and ultrasonic tests for masonry and concrete
Flat jack
Lockin active termografy
Georadar 3D
Radar interferometer for contactless distance structural monitoring
Dynamic identification tests with seismic accelerometers
Control units for structural monitoring
Vibrodyne for structures
Matlab, Mathematica, Comsol, Abaqus, SolidWorks, Straus7, ARTeMIS softwares.
RESEARCH: support for experimental research by teachers; activities in the context of research projects;
DIDACTICS: tests, exercises and lectures in the laboratory; thesis of predominantly experimental character
FOR THIRD PARTY ACCOUNT: tests and certification in the field of qualification and control of construction materials.
Address / How to reach us
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture via E. Orabona, 4 70125 Bari - PLA complex ground floor
OPEN (Mon/Wedn/Frid:8.00-14.00; Tues/Thursd: 8.00-18.00); WORK (full time)
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