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Hydraulic and Hydraulic Constructions Laboratory

H&HC Lab

Lab full name
Hydraulic and Hydraulic Constructions Laboratory
Research Activities

The Hydraulic and Hydraulic Constructions Laboratory  of the Department of Civil, Environmental, Land, Building Engineering and Chemistry of Politecnico di Bari was designed for research (researchers, PhD and MSc-students) and technical support thanks to physical-experimental research in the fields of Hydraulic, Hudraulic Constrctions and Environmental Hydraulics.
The Hydraulics and Hydraulic Laboratory has a total surface area of approximately 2000 m2;  composed by a central structure and several support units: mechanical workshop, electrical - electronic laboratory, acquisition, calculation and data processing, and image retrieval and processing.
The laboratory power supply system consists of two interconnected reservoirs, from which, thanks to a pumping system, it is possible to supply the laboratory hydraulic circuit. The water supply system, is subdivided by two network supplied by a water tower characterised by two different water head: 8 and 17 m.
The lower pressure water network is connected with a pumping station able to assure a maximum water head of 90 m and a maximum flow rate of 90 l / s. Finally, the laboratory is equipped with calibration tanks for large volumetric measurements.
Moreover, the laboratory is equipped with a Steppedn Spillways with steps on the spillway chute to assist in the dissipation of the kinetic energy of the descending water long 13.5 m,  wide 0.60 m and  high 2.00 m. Steps are high 0.20 m, the maximum step length is  0.80 m and the chute angle varies from 14° to 45°.
A Wave Flume for small-scale testing of floating objects long 24.40 m, wide 0.40 m and with a water depth of 0.40 m.
An Experimental Movable Channel long 30 m. wide 0.8 m, with a water depth of 0.40 m and a slope varies 0°-12°.
The Laboratory staff includes researchers, technicians and students whose work makes the laboratory a reference point in the field of Hydraulics and Environmental Hydraulics. The laboratory promotes relationships and cooperation with international universities and research institutions.

Technical Staff
Luigi Visitilli
Investigation study in the Lama Balice regional natural park - Bari
Physical model designed in collaboration with ATB Riva Calzoni S.p.A. for checking the hydraulic and mechanical seal of flat gates for dams subjected to high loads
Ultrasonic probes
Pointed hydrometers
Pressure transducers of various capacities
Channel with weirs of measures
Electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters
Pressure gauges
Stepped spillway
Fixed channel for the simulation of flows
Teaching plumbing benches
PIV System for determining the speed of water flow (Laser pulse energy of 200 mj at 15 Hz) complete with mechanical support with micrometric displacements for acquisition probes
Mike 3D (DHI)
Lab View
Dantec Dynamic (PIV)
Mathematical models
Numerical models for 2d/3D hydrodynamics
Study of the vents in pressurized pipelines at varius slopes
Physical model for the study of floods
Physical model for studies: Vegetated flow & Solitary waves
Address / How to reach us
Via Edoardo Orabona 4 Campus Quagliariello - Bari
The activities of the Laboratory take place from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 13.30 and during some afternoons of the week to be agreed with the Technical Staff.
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