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D&C Lab

Lab full name
Decision and Control Laboratory
ERC 3rd level Code
Research Activities

The mission of the Decision and Control Laboratory (D&C Lab) is to conduct theoretical and applied research in the broad areas of systems, control, optimization, and decision-making.

Major objectives are the promotion of the results obtained in the field of the scientific research - achieved in collaboration with private and public partners - in a regional, national, and international context, and the advancement of technology transfer of these research results.

The main areas of interest for the research are the scientific disciplinary sector of “Systems and control engineering” (09/G1).

The laboratory is located inside the university campus in Bari.


Research and experimentation activities at D&C Lab are conducted in the following macro-areas:

* Management and control of complex systems

Advanced algorithms and ICT applications to predict and solve upcoming situations in various applicative contexts (energy, transport, production, health systems) with minimal or reduced human involvement

Decentralized and distributed control and optimization for large scale systems

Management, control, and optimization of complex systems

Decision support systems for planning and management of Intelligent Transportation Systems, road and rail-road traffic, dangerous freight transport

Management and optimization of smart environment and smart mobility

Design and governance of smart grids, smart cities, and smart communities

Sustainable mobility, multimodal, intermodal, and co-modal transportation

ICT for logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare systems

Modelling, simulation, optimization, and control of discrete event systems

Modelling and nonlinear control


* Modelling, control and optimization of industrial applications

Industry 4.0

Re-engineering and automation of manufacturing processes and systems

Coordination of agents and sensors networks

Fault detection and recovery

Logistics, production and distribution

Scheduling and planning, workflow management

Models for maximizing the effectiveness of technological products and processes

Methods for the reduction of alternatives, particularly in the case of large amount of choices

Supply and purchasing management

Best practices in manufacturing


* Management, control and optimization of energy systems

Strategic level: analysis and decision tools to support the urban policy maker in determining optimal action plans for long-term energy efficiency in the following areas: building and building grids sectors, public street lighting sector, and integrated management of urban energy systems

Operational level: solutions for the control and scheduling of the energy activities of smart energy users, optimal planning of the energy activities of a smart home, networks of smart homes, management of the optimal charging of electric vehicles

Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
Enel distribution
Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
TERA S.r.l.
SimNT S.r.l.
Ferrovie del Sud Est e Servizi Automobilisti S.r.l.
GTS (General Transport Service) S.p.A.
Planetek in Bari
Macnil Gruppo Zucchetti in Bari
Nicola Veronico S.r.l.
Dream Project S.p.A.
Tangari S.r.l.
Divella S.p.A.
Cannillo S.r.l.
Primadonna S.p.A.
OM Carrelli Elevatori S.p.A.
Centro Ricerche Fiat
Masmec SpA
Mermec SpA
Le Gemme
Veronico Srl
Gigant Italia Srl
University of Cagliari
Ecole Centrale de Lille (France)
Aix-Marseille Université (France)
Hamburg University (Germany)
Crakov University (Poland)
University of Manchester (UK)
Chalmers University (Sweden)
Universidad Zaragoza (Spain)
New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA)
Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
Ferrovie Sud Est
Comune di Bari
ReteGas Bari SpA
Modeling, control systems for industrial applications and optimization
Management and control of complex systems, smart systems and smart cities
Smartness and decision support systems
Modeling and non-linear control
Distributed optimization and consensus algorithms.
Address / How to reach us
Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, via Orabona n. 4, 70125 BARI Ex-Architecture building - 3rd floor - room 3.3
by appointment from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00