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Astro-Physics Lab

Lab full name
Laboratorio Fisica Astro-particellare
ERC 3rd level Code
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Optoelectronic measurements for detectors dedicated to high-energy observations, from space or from Earth.
The laboratory realizes quantum efficiency measures of opto-electronic sensors such as multi-anode or single-channel photomultipliers, SiPM and photodiodes.
The laboratory also has a thermally controlled dark room for precision measurements and calibration of sensors, 400nm laser sources and 300nm power heads, 340nm, 380nm, 450nm for measurements from the visible to the NUV.
The laboratory is organized in such a way that it is also possible to make measurements for opto-electronic didactic experiences.
Address / How to reach us
Room R62-DIF Department, ground floor
The service is active on weekdays during normal office hours for students, external collaborators and visitors, provided that a laboratory manager is present.