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Advanced Electrotechnics

Lab full name
Advanced Electrotechnics
Research Activities

The scientific activity concerns the following 2 main topics of the Electrical Engineering:

  • Micromagnetism and Spintronics
  • Modelling, diagnostics and reliability of renewable energy sources

The first research topic studies:

  • Magnetic materials modelling
  • Design of Spin-Transfer Torque (STT) MRAM and nano-oscillators
  • Design of nanodevices spin-orbit torque based
  • Linear and nonlinear dynamics of magnetic excitations in magnetic films, multilayers, and finite-size samples: spin waves, solitons, skyrmions
  • Applications of linear and nonlinear spin waves in microwave signal processing
  • Design of hybrid CMOS-STT-MRAM circuits
  • CUDA Applications

The second research topic studies:

  • Modelling of grid-connected and stand-alone renewable energy sources
  • Smart-grids and micro-grids
  • Penetration of RES in power systems
  • Statistics for monitoring the performance of RES
  • Nondestructive techniques for diagnostics of RES
  • ICT for energy
Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
University of Messina, Italy
University of Perugia, Italy
University of Salamanca, Spain
University of Cornell, Ithaca, NY, USA
University of Perugia, Italy
Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA
Jijel University, Algeria
University of Manchester, UK
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden