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RS Lab

Residual stress (RS) develops during manufacturing processes as a result of heat and mechanical treatment experienced by the material.

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The TRASFORMA laboratory network includes laboratories of the Polytechnic of Bari, the University of Sal
Levantine Lab for Sustainable technologies

The strong commitment of Politecnico di Bari towards manufacturing sustainability deploys into
the proactive promotion of social involvement of its students into the sustainability topics. The


Since 2007, the Laboratory of Manufacturing processes by Laser Technologies (LLT) of Politecnico
di Bari has been working on Laser Additive Manufacturing processes of metals and on laser

Advanced Optical Methods and Structural Optimization
Opto Lab

• Interferometric techniques (speckle, moiré and holography) are applied to stress/strain analysis
of electronic components, biological specimens and industrial components, reconstruction of


The research group working in the Experimental Stress Analysis laboratory, in the field of Experimental Mechanics, has developed wide experience for both in lab and in situ inspections, related to the stress/strain analysis on materials, component

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Simulation models and mathematical programming techniques can deal with manufacturing systems which call for complex decisions concerning daily issues as well as middle and long horizon strategies (e.g.

Physical Simulation of Manufacturing processes

The PhySiMaP-Lab is part of the network of laboratories of the research group on Materials and Innovative Technology (SMATIgroup), which work in the scientific Area of Manufacturing Systems and Technologies.

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ManOnSim Lab

The lab ManOnSim is part of the network of laboratories of the research group on Materials and Innovative Technology (“SMATIgroup”) whose member operate in the scientific area Manufacturing Systems and Technologies (ING-IND/16).

Robot Mechanics Laboratory

The lab carries out research applied to the field of automated and robotic mechanisms and device.

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