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PrInCE - Electrical Energy Systems Laboratory

Lab full name
PrInCE - Electrical Energy Systems Laboratory
Research Activities

A smart microgrid has been installed in the Electrical Energy Systems Laboratory. The objective of this experimental microgrid is to make the tools and competences of the research group available to companies and research centers operating in the smartgrid and renewable energy sources. Its completely open and flexible structure makes this platform ideal for the conception, simulation and experimental development of innovative systems.

The main components of the microgrid are:

  • 120 kWe natural gas fuelled CHP system;
  • 30 kWe natural gas fuelled micro-turbine;
  • photovoltaic plant with five different technologies having a rated power of about 50 kWp;
  • wind emulator having a rated power of about 60 kWp.
  • two Sodium–Nickel battery banks having a total storage capacity of 210 kWh and a maximum charge/discharge power of 60 kW;
  • 2 × 120 kVA inverter-based programmable loads.
  • a SCADA system characterized by an open and flexible structure allowing the implementation and experimental validation of various operation and control functions.

The microgrid can be managed in all operating states and transitions:

  • Grid connected state
  • Island State
  • Alert State
  • Emergency State
  • Blackout
  • Non-Bumpless Transitions from On-Grid to the Off-Grid mode
  • Bumpless Transition from On-Grid to the Off-Grid mode
  • Synchronization Transition
  • Black start

The goal of the smart microgrid is to investigate different research and operation challenges, such as:


  • Definition and the implementation of forecasting procedures.
  • Operation planning and real-time operation procedures. 
  • Monitoring and the control of single devices through local controllers or actuators. 
  • Real-time response functions of inverters. 
  • Tests of islanding conditions feeding simulated and real loads.
  • Development of control logic for storage devices and electric vehicles in V2G configuration.
  • Mode transition management.
  • Fault system protection


Contact Person
Companies and Institutions
ABB S.p.A. - Power System Division – Genova
Autorità Portuale del Levante - Bari
Terna Rete Italia S.p.A. - Roma
Guastamacchia S.r.l. – Ruvo di Puglia (BA)
Terni Energia S.p.A. - Terni
TCT S.r.l. – Brindisi
ST Microelectronics – Catania
Enel S.p.A. - Roma
Address / How to reach us
Via Amendola 132, Bari Plesso “ex Scianatico” – Laboratori PRINCE
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 17:30