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PolibaLabs Research

  • Mechanical and Tribological Characterisation of Materials
    Study of tribosystem modelling with theoretical/numerical and experimental approach
  • Health care Management Systems
    Intelligent system architecture for the management of health data
  • Technical-scientific agreement for an integrated approach
    to remediation of the mar Piccolo
  • Simultaneous dual-gas detection
    Development of a novel dual-gas optical sensing technique
  • Castel del Monte
    Novel Investigations on the functional hypothesis of the Monument


Research activities, both basic and applied, are carried out in the Departments and the Research Centres of the Politecnico di Bari. Particular attention is devoted to basic research, which is essential not only for the evolution of scientific thought but also for the ability, over time, to deeply affect reality. On the other hand, applied research focusing on topics of practical value or of interest to organizations and businesses aims at updating and giving scientific content to management activities of companies and institutions.